Shein giving me Sleeves with Sass

We all know that this season trend is all about the sleeves and I am definitely one who is all about those oversized flouncy sleeves.  This top by Shein is the most amazing, most adored by YOU guys, the compliments are always flying when I post this on my Instagram or snapchat.



The material of this top is like a slight organza mixed with cotton to create the almost mesh gingham style to this top.  It is so light airy and perfect for summer.   The top is cropped with a sweetheart neck line, and zips up at the back to make it easier to put on and also due to there being no stretch or give in this top.  In regards to sizing go up a size or 2 with this top as I am usually a XS/S but got a Small in this top and its still slightly on the tight side.  Shipping with this top does take 2-3 weeks but for the price of this top which is buttons, its well worth the wait.  You will always find designer dupes/lookalikes and unique pieces on Shein for a fraction of the price and most items are £30 and well under, so because of that reason I am absolutely loving Shein right now.


This outfit to me screams New York city gal running to meet the girls for drinks with the ever so chic and classic Moschino bag in hand.  The Moschino bag unfortunately I do not own, it was on loan from who rent designer bags out for a week for a very small and reasonable price.  This Moschino bag is just £35 to rent for the week and would be perfect for the girl who wants to  loan a designer bag for a special event or occasion to complete the outfit and give it a high class stylish feel without the big expenditure.  Lets face it girls the way life is going and fashion, its probably deemed unfashionable to wear the same designer handbag/ purse to every fashionable event, change it up without the big price tag and go for a rental designer bag rather than leaving that oh so precious bag in the back of the cupboard collecting dust because you are too afraid to take it out of its box that often. Rental designer bags are the way of the future and I intend on loaning a black YSL next time!


Outfit Details

Top Shein –  SHOP HERE

Skirt Zara- SHOP HERE

Sunglasses Noughts and Kisses – SOLD OUT

Moschino Handbag from Ibagzy – SHOP HERE


It’s a Fiesta 

It’s that time of the year again we are all on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit.  This I initially thought was the most perfect swimsuit of all with its flirty frills and Bardot style top. 
However I have to say I am a tad disappointed, don’t get me wrong it is beautiful, the print and detail is just gorgeous, but this swimsuit takes a bit of fixing and adjusting, it just won’t stay in place.  It falls a bit at the frill, hanging slightly lower than it should and shows the inside lining which would be ok if it was black but the lining is white and always on show. 
That being said however this swimsuit is a two for one, I wore this out with my highwaisted jeans as a bodysuit and really loved the look, with the printed frill it had a bit of a Spanish fiesta look to it. The sizing is big though so if you are planning on purchasing this go down a size rather than up.  I am wearing a size 8.  Direct links to purchase detailed below. 

Shop swimsuit: HERE

USE CODE: Ohsofemme10 for 10% off

Ash x

Can I have one in every colour?!

What is sexier than a Vinyl Skirt?? Actually one other thing, your boyfriends shirt worn oversized with a vinyl skirt.  I am loving everything shiny plastic and with a hint of Sex appeal.  This outfit is epic cool, laid back and effortless.  Literally  couldn’t find a shirt of my own so nabbed my mans.  Obviously unbuttoned it to reveal a more sex appeal nature to this style.  Everyone knows sex sells, and as we grow we get get more confident in styling clothes in this way.  When you dress yourself you sell yourself, it just depends on your mood what type of style you are trying to sell to everyone.  Since going blonde I have felt a bit more reckless, rule breaking and dare devilish.  I don’t know what it is about hair colour but I feel it can quickly change your personality especially if its a drastic change.

Shop items here

Shirt from Topman SHOP HERE

Skirt from Misspap Shop HERE

Sunnies from Misspap SHOP HERE


ashley 21ashley 23

And it was all yellow, this season is all about pops of yellow and brights.  I would be lying if I said this has always been my colour, for I detested yellow until Belfast Fashion Week, the love started with a pair of boots from Zara and then it grew quickly and intensely.  But forget about the lemon and pastel shades, I am talking about canary yellow, bright and playful colours,   I am fascinated and addicted right now.  Pastel shades are fading out of the wardrobe slowly, move over, now welcoming everything bright and colourful.

ashley 30ashley 32

‘Make Good Stories’ something I try to integrate into every day of my life, whether its just meeting with a friend for a cuppa, having a laugh, awkward poses and side looks from people ordering food as props while on my streetstyle photoshoots with Lucy or heading away on breaks/holidays.  Speaking of which I have a holiday booked for May to South of France, patience is not a virtue of mine.  I am so exciteddddd!!!

This crop by Misspap is such a transitional and adaptable piece for many of my outfits and styles. Love how the sleeves are extra long and the print slogan just helps give this look an edge.  Dressy but casual.  You can also pair this with either gym leggings for a work out or your loungewear for the laid back style.  It is fleeced in the inside and keeps in the heat.   At £10 its so affordable you would be crazy not to get it.

ashley 40ashley 41

Sparkle sparkle, magpie eyes will love this bag, its by Zara and only £19.99.  It glistens in the sun and is the perfect accessory to take on holidays, its already at the top of my list to take with me. It comes in black too but this bluey tones silver colour is a winner in my eyes.  Its nicely sized to take your travel/blogging camera with you and lip glosses/lipsticks or top up make up products, there is even room for a notebook or two to jot down all your ideas during your trip.  Basically this is the perfect bag practically and fashionably, top buy for your holiday I guarantee it!

ashley 25ashley 26


Crop Top Misspap: Buy HERE

Yellow Skirt Zara: Buy HERE

Backpack Zara: Buy HERE

Shoes Asos: Out Of Stock

Sunnies Asos: Buy HERE


photo credit: Lucy Curran

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The Most Amazing Top Ever

ashley 50

Girls straight to the point, I have no other words for this Shein top apart from utterly out of this world.  It did take 2-3 weeks to come but I was not disappointed.  A unique piece with a designer feel but for an absolute steal! Ruffles, balloon sleeves, stripes and off the shoulder, this is the top of dreams for SS17, its just so perfect, and definitely a wardrobe fave right now.

ashley 53ashley 55

My favourite pastime these days as the years quickly creep in is having a coffee or lunch date with my friends, the partying days are over and the age is showing.  But what I love most at my lunch dates is a take-out coffee cup.  I have no idea what the appeal is to myself personally but it may be due to the concept of a bloggers fave accessory… casually walking the city streets with phone in one hand and coffee cup in other on their way to ‘a string of meetings’.   Obviously this trend with fellow bloggers and their coffee cups has sub consciously entered our minds as a popular fashion accessory, and I am not going to tell any lies,  I think I may have entered the craze myself.

ashley 62ashley 65ashley 66

I am off on vacation next month and this top is coming with me for more potential photoshoots with exotic scenery, so if you want to see how I restyle this top again then don’t forget to follow the links on my blog to my other social media channels.

I styled this Shein ruffle top with my exaggerated ripped jeans from asos and bright orange, red barely there heels to keep this look casual but edgey with a touch of class.  Also can we please appreciate how insanely cute my Missy Empire handbag is, literally an exact replica of the Chloe Clutch and only £26.

ashley 70ashley 74

ashley 47

Shop Items here:

Shein Ruffle Top: HERE

Asos Mom Ripped Jeans: Out of Stock, shop SIMILAR

Missy Empire Bag: Shop HERE

Asos Sunglasses: Shop HERE

The Bloggers Jumper

I first saw this jumper on Lissy Roddy and everything about it made me want it!  Now I see it everywhere on every blogger and it hasn’t put me off, the faux fur sleeves are just to die for, so plush, soft and just a dream.

If you are thinking about getting this jumper, don’t hesitate just get it because you won’t regret it.  The balloon sleeves, the fact it’s an oversized sweat and the colour and texture of this jumper is just perfect in every way! Dare I say I could wear this multiple times and not get bored of it! 💗

Jumper from Zara, shop here:

Leggings from ASOS, shop here:

Trainers from H&M: SOLD OUT ONLINE

Handbag from H&M: in store only 

Time for a 5th

 Hope you lovelies had a wonderful Christmas!!! I know I had the best one yet moving into my new home on Christmas Eve! 

I hear it’s supposed to be the most relaxing time of year but to be honest  I couldn’t disagree more,  yes it was wonderful but oh my gee it was also the most stressful time of 2016 for me but so worth it.  From crack of dawn to midnight I was up painting doors and painting faces between.  Trying to sort out Christmas gifts and organising photoshoots.  What a crazy month, but only now it’s all over I finally get to relax.  Yes my Christmas was busy and hectic but it was worth it all to get where I am today, sitting on a train to Dublin for a well derseved break while writing this.

img_1031most of my Christmas gifts came early this year.  My home sweet home came the day before Christmas, the biggest and best present of all.  Cannot wait to show you all it I’m a blog post coming soon.
My favourite accessory from this year was my The Fifth watch, everything about this watch is so me.  The leather strap and simplicity of design is just on point.  If you want a watch to go with any outfit then this is the watch for you.  Personally myself, I buy a watch and wear it to death so I need it to last and match everything. If you want something unique then you need The Fifth watch, they have only 5 designs and the watch only launches on the 5th of every month for 5 days, so if you aren’t within the time frame window you miss out, what an exclusive piece to own! I’m a 5th girl! Are you?!

Get your The Fifth watch at:

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Lastly my favourite clothing piece has got to be my leopard print dress, so chic so stylish and just perfect to make a statement and in a classy way, for all outfit details see below. 


Dress by Topshop 

Boots by MISSPAP 

Necklace by Topshop 

Fur stole by Missguided 

Watch by The Fifth